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IndustrySmart TV[1]


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Key people

Wang Zhiguo (CEO)[4]
ProductsInternet TVs[5]
Coocaa OS[6]

Coocaa (simplified Chinese: 酷开[7]; traditional Chinese: 酷開[8]; stylised as COOCAA[9]), also known as Kukai,[10] is a China-based[11] smart TV brand[12] that was founded in 2006.[13] It was sequentially invested by iQIYI,[14] Tencent,[15] Baidu,[16] and focuses on AIoTV.[17] Owned by Shenzhen Skyworth-RGB Electronic Co., Ltd.,[18] its TV products feature Dolby Vision and full screen.[19]

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With headquarters in Shenzhen,[20] Coocaa has ventured into Philippines[21] and Malaysia.[22] It was an official partner of the 2019 SEA Games.[23] In November 2019, Coocaa attended the World TV Day sự kiện.[24] The brand also has its own operating system called "Coocaa OS".[25]


Coocaa TV shipments exceeded 1 million units in năm ngoái.[26] In June 2017,[27] Tencent invested HK$344.28 million[28] to tướng acquire a 7.7% stake in Coocaa.[29] In March 2018, Baidu invested $159.70 million[30] to tướng obtain an 11% stake in Coocaa.[31]

As of April 2020, the total number of users of the Coocaa System amounted to tướng approximately 50 million users,[32] this figure reached 80 million up to tướng October.[33]


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