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VNeID application is an application developed by the National Population Data Center - Ministry of Public Security of Vietnam based on the application of population data, identification and electronic authentication.

VNeID application applies to lớn people living and traveling in Vietnam.

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VNeID application has the value to lớn replace traditional papers, identify citizens in the digital environment, provide utilities to lớn develop digital citizenship, digital government, digital society, help citizens to lớn declare medical reports and quick domestic travel declarations. In addition, the application helps the authorities to lớn trace secondary COVID-19 infections and notify the people in a timely manner.
Access: By using the Application, the User agrees to lớn allow the application to lớn have access to lớn the following functions:
(1) Access to lớn the Internet from the user device
(2) Accessing the camera to lớn scan the QRcode on the CCCD thẻ helps to lớn shorten the time to lớn enter basic information of Citizens and scan the QRcode at the scanning point for quick travel and medical declaration.
(3) Access to lớn Photos, videos, audios and files on the device to lớn store QRcode images for inspection when passing through citizen checkpoints.
(4) Send notifications to lớn the user's device.
Collection of personal information: The user enters data, declares medical information, moves domestically, or declares on behalf of another person with that person's permission and consent to lớn provide information. Personal information includes: Full name, Phone number, Citizen identification, Gender, Year of birth, Permanent address, Nationality, health status, place of departure, destination, vehicle number plate and exposure to lớn people with COVID-19. All information is collected with the user's permission by entering the forms and submitting them to lớn us.
Users are solely responsible for their behavioral capacity in the use and input of information.

Protect privacy and copyright: User's data will be stored and secured by the National Population Data Center, Ministry of Public Security and used only for COVID-19 prevention and control, helping health protection and disease prevention, absolutely vì thế not use for commercial purposes, vì thế not invade private life. Data may be shared with Health Authorities and other competent authorities to lớn better serve the prevention of COVID-19 disease.
In addition to lớn the above purposes, the application developer does not collect and use user information for any other purposes. And will not disclose any information that may harm or perform any illegal acts on user privacy according to lớn Vietnamese law or application policy.
- No location collection: VNeID does not collect data about your location.
- Anonymity: People join the community anonymously with others. Only the competent authorities can know those infected and those suspected of being infected by close tương tác with a person with COVID-19 and conduct tracing.
See terms of use and privacy policy at: https://sites.google.com/view/chinh-sach-vneid/home