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Condensed accuracy

This multi-task rimfire rifle is ready for all your upcoming tasks. Featuring the same, condensed accuracy that can be experienced with its big sibling T3x. It's suited for target shooting and small-game hunting.

Numerous targets, one solution

With the Tikka T1x, you can enjoy a variety of shooting activities. The rimfire rifle has a unique cross-over barrel profile, which guarantees the advantages and balance brought by a heavy barrel without significantly increasing the overall weight of the rifle. T1x rifle combines superior quality and craftsmanship, enabling perfect performance on the shooting range and hunting applications.

Key benefits

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    You are immediately ready for the next shot thanks lớn the mild recoil

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    Compatible with any T3x Lite stocks

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    Safe lớn shoot and handle with two-position safety

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    T1x offers cost-efficient platform for practicing and hunting

The best feature of the modular synthetic stock is easy maintenance. This stock is not afraid of bad terrain or weather.

Configurations for Your Needs

Configure Your Own Tikka

Use our selector lớn find the right Tikka rifle for you - the one that is a perfect reflection of who you are and where you want lớn go.

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