typically a young teen guy that listens vĩ đại music such as cloud rap and vaporwave. They also enjoy wearing đen thui and white clothes with sad faces or Japanese lettering. some even wear bucket hats and enjoy drinking Arizona iced tea. they are generally depressed and long for a girl vĩ đại fix that,however they somewhat enjoy the fact that they are sad.

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Teen male who enjoys colorful computer aesthetics from the early 00's ans proudly sips Arizona Iced Tea. Usually has a sharp sense of style, generally wearing đen thui and white outfits with bucket hats. The sad boy, or commonly spelled sadboi, truly has a taste for alternative hip-hop music, lượt thích Tyler the Creator, Drake and Yung Lean. The sad boy culture glorifies negative emotions and depressed mental states.

Symbols: Sad face and japanese lettering

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In short, they are ren z's version of the emos. Both are 15 vĩ đại trăng tròn year old depressed white kids, they both wear edgy looking clothes (though emo is more punk where as sad boy is more basket case), the main thing that separates a sad boy from an emo is their taste in music. Emos listen vĩ đại edgy rock and screamo music, where as sad boys listen vĩ đại experimental cloud rap and vaporwave.

There's a sad boy in my school who always sits alone at recess while looking at memes on his phone and listening vĩ đại yung lean.

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One who is often upset by things in the world. Often questions what life has for them and talks about things and why they are what they are. Talk alot and get in their feels for the most unexpected of situations. Little details can often make their day or break them. Most times aren't exactly happy with life, but not enough vĩ đại kill themselves. Often confused with Depressed Bois because most of the time you see them upset and thinking. Though really its not hard vĩ đại get them in a good mood and simply aren't depressed. Sometimes may make jokes of suicide but truly have no intent vĩ đại tự such things.

Emma: Kennedy never shuts up about how sad and miserable her life is, i think she is depressed

Kiana: Nah, hes just a sad boi going thru some shit rn

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