multimax 2

Thirty-two Standard Channels, Twenty ControlTL Channels

Creatively control groups of lights or cameras.  Work in crowded venues or with multiple flash set-ups.

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Manual Power Control – NEW!

Remotely adjust the manual power settings of your ControlTL compatible flashes in up đồ sộ three zones. You can have as many flashes in each group as you want.

Selective Quad-Triggering

Activate or deactivate electronic flash units and/or cameras wirelessly in 4 separately controllable zones (ABCD) without leaving the camera position.

Auto-Relay Mode

Acts as a transmitter and receiver, triggering both camera and flash from up đồ sộ 500 meters (1600 ft) away. Upon receiving a signal from a remote transmitter, the on-camera receiver automatically switches instantaneously đồ sộ transmit mode and signals the remote flash units đồ sộ fire in sync with the camera.

True Trigger Confirmation

Verifies each successful triggering and indicates misfires via audio and/or visual confirmation signals.  No separate transmitter/receiver system can bởi this.

PocketWizard Compatible

Works with all PocketWizard radios on the same frequency including
PocketWizard OEM Partner products lượt thích Sekonic meters and Profoto,
Bowens, Calumet, Dynalite, Lumedyne, Norman and Photogenic flash packs. Available sync cables tư vấn all major brands of flash equipment in lengths up đồ sộ 4.8 meters (16 ft). A variety of dedicated camera triggering cables are also available.

Long Range Mode

When extra distance is needed, especially for remote camera triggering,
Long Range Mode can provide up đồ sộ 100% more range. This feature is found particularly useful by photographers shooting in sports arenas, photographing wildlife and using it for other challenging remote camera applications such as aerial photography.

Close Range Mode

Reduces the transmit power of the MultiMAX II radio when it is in Transmit mode.  This mode is useful if you have a receiver very close đồ sộ your transmitter (within a few feet), such as on a basketball net, studio shoots, macro photography or table top product shoots.

Noise Sniffer and Signal Strength Indicator

Are tools for troubleshooting RF noise.  The Noise Sniffer shows the ambient and peak radio noise for the channel and frequency displayed.

The Signal Strength Indicator (Receive Only) performs two functions:

•    If a MultiMAX II radio has NOT been triggered, it acts as a Noise Meter and indicates steady noise in the area.
•    If your radio has been triggered, the Signal Strength Indicator shows the strength of the last trigger received.

This is useful đồ sộ gain a quick view of the local noise level in the area you intend đồ sộ shoot in sánh you can pick a channel with less interfering noise.

If the above tools indicate excessive RF interference on your Custom ID’s frequency, you have the option to Move your Custom ID đồ sộ any PocketWizard frequency for better triggering in crowded shooting environments.  What is a Custom ID?  It is a private digital code that no one can trigger but you.  It is offered as a premium service by PocketWizard.

Radio Relay (Repeater) Mode (Receive Only)

Allows photographers đồ sộ add another MultiMAX II radio đồ sộ increase range.  It receives and transmits on the same channel.  This mode is valuable đồ sộ extend the maximum range of a MultiMAX II in any radio environment.  If you are shooting in a RF noisy environment such as a sports arena, and your current range is 200 feet, add another MultiMAX II radio in Radio Relay Mode and gain another 200 feet.  This mode is also helpful when shooting wildlife.  If your current range is 800 feet because of trees and you would lượt thích đồ sộ be a minimum of 2000 feet away from your subject, add two more MultiMAX II radios đồ sộ your system and increase your range.


Rear-curtain Sync

Capture ambient streaks of light at slow shutter speeds, even for cameras without this feature.   Delay the sync time đồ sộ fire the electronic flash unit near the over of the exposure, with precision of 1/10,000th of a second.  Includes pre-programmed shutter speeds of 1 đồ sộ 1/60th of a second, with additional setting configurable via the MultiMAX IIs delay time adjustment screen.

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Infinite Intervalometer – IMPROVED!

Perform time-lapse imaging đồ sộ photograph events as they unfold.  Capture an infinite amount of images over an infinite amounto of time.


Adds depth-of-field đồ sộ images or generates stroboscopic motion images.  Allows your flash đồ sộ be fired up đồ sộ 10,000 times on the same exposure while waiting for a user programmed recycle time, from 1/100th đồ sộ 10 minutes, between pops.

Precision Delay Times

Custom mix in transmit mode for remote units and/or port 2 on the MultiMAX II.  In receiver mode, precision delay offers delay sequencing or camera/flash synchronization.

SpeedCycler – IMPROVED!

Perform sequential triggering for up đồ sộ sixteen cameras or sixteen
fl ashes. Ideal for multi-angle camera shots and reducing recycle time
in fast-paced photo shoots by triggering the next fl ash in line while the
previous fl ash is recharging. It works with any PocketWizard radio as
a receiver, including the PlusX, for up đồ sộ 10 fl ashes. It can be used for
remote camera sequences, too. Tailor-made for capturing a bouquet
toss, roller derby crash, or any other high tốc độ moments you want
to capture.

Lag Time Equalizer Software

Measures reaction time between camera trigger signal đồ sộ shutter firing.  This lag time is used đồ sộ synchronize single or multiple cameras and strobes đồ sộ fire in unison, with measurable accuracy đồ sộ 1/10,000th of a second.

Ultra-fast Microprocessors

Achieve trigger-response times as short as 1/3000th of a second for reliable top-end sync speeds of 1/500th for focal plane shutters and 1/1000th for leaf shutters.



A sturdy lock-ring for hot shoes ensure a secure fit đồ sộ your camera or bracket or use the ¼ trăng tròn mount or lanyard.

Fast set-up

Simply power up, choose a channel, connect a flash cable and start shooting.

User Interface

Easy-to-read xanh rì backlit LCD display and rubberized keypad allows quick setting adjustments and confirmation of camera and flash status.  Display and buttons can be backlit with the push of a button. Locking keypad eliminates unintended setting changes.  Default settings can be quickly restored.

Trigger Rate

Trigger lights or cameras at a sustained rate of up đồ sộ 12 FPS.


Compatible with virtually every popular flash and professional camera.  Available miniphone connector cables tư vấn all major brands of lighting equipment in lengths up đồ sộ 16′.  A variety of dedicated remote camera triggering cables are also available.

Power Supply

2 AA batteries, with a typical life of approximately 60 hours. An optional AC adapter is available.


FCC MultiMAX II Transceivers operate on an uncrowded frequency band of 344.00 đồ sộ 354.00 MHz. CE MultiMAX Transcievers operate on 433.42 đồ sộ 434.42 frequency.  Visit to learn more about frequency by country.

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Frequency: FCC/IC model: 344.00 – 354.00  MHz North America
CE model: 433.42 – 434.42 MHz  EU/Asia/Other
Channels: 16 Original Classic channels, 1 – 16
16 Quad-Triggering channels, 17 – 32
20 ControlTL channels (3 for CE)
Sync Speed: Up đồ sộ 1/125th in ControlTL Mode
Up đồ sộ 1/250th (focal plane), 1/500 in FAST MODE
Up đồ sộ 1/500th (leaf shutter), 1/1000 in FAST MODE
Up đồ sộ 1/1000th (w/certain digital cameras)
Maximum Shooting Rate*: 12 Frames Per Second (FPS)
* dependent on flash power settings
Zones: A – B – C – D
Compatible with other PocketWizard radios with Quad-Zone Triggering channels
Antenna: Precision tuned, flexible, external, coiled
Display: Backlit 3.5cm (1.375″) liquid crystal display (LCD)
Range: Up đồ sộ 500 meters (1600 feet) in normal mode
Up đồ sộ 1000 meters (3200 feet) in long range mode
Actual range is dependent on multiple factors including equipment, mode, environment, positioning, orientation and interference.
Triggering Speed: Up đồ sộ 14.5 frames per second (FPS)
Batteries: Two (2) AA (IEC:LR6) alkaline recommended
NiMH, NiCAD, NiZn, Lithium acceptable (these chemistries may not report battery life accurately)
USB (optional AC adapter PW-AC-USB available)
AC Adapter: Optional AC Adapter – US/FCC only
5 VDC regulated, 0.2 A (200 milliamp) or higher (recommended)
Battery Life: Up đồ sộ 50 hours (with alkaline batteries)
Max Port Voltage: 100 VDC
USB: USB 2.0 Mini-B Connector
Housing: Custom molded, high impact plastic with captive battery door
153 grams (5.4 ounces) with alkaline batteries installed
Dimensions: Height: 10.2cm (4″) toàn thân only
Height: 16.5cm (6.5″) with antenna
Width: 5.5cm (2.1″)
Depth: 3.7cm (1.4″)
Operating Temperature: Above -15 degrees C (5 degrees F) and below 50 decrees C (120 degrees F)
Storage Temperature: Above -30 degrees C (-22 degrees F) and below 85 degrees C (185 degrees F) (without batteries)
Input/Output: 3.5mm (1/8″) mono miniphone jack
Hot Shoe; USB Port; 4-pin miniphone ACC jack
Mounting: Hot shoe, lanyard/D-Ring loop, 1/4-20 female threaded insert
Time settings: Contact Time: up đồ sộ 999.99 seconds or 16 minutes, 39.99 seconds (min .01 sec.)
Delay Time: up đồ sộ 9.9999 seconds (min. 0001 sec.)
Infinite Intervalometer: Infinite exposures from 1 second đồ sộ 100 hours apart
Multi-Pop 999.99 seconds, or 16 minutes, 39.99 seconds (min .01 sec.)
Accuracy: Timing is repeatable within +/-0.0001 or 1/10,000th of a second
Counter: 9999 triggers (min 0)
Pre-set rear curtain delays: 1, 50%, 1/4, 1/8, 1/15, 1/30, and 1/60th shutter speed
In the Box: Quick Guide
Stereo 3.milimet (1/8″) miniphone đồ sộ miniphone cable
Mono 3.5mm miniphone đồ sộ locking PC cable
Stereo 3.5mm miniphone đồ sộ 6.3mm (1/4″) adapter
RoHS Compliant: Yes
Optional Accessories: Isolation bar, trigger buttons, camera motor drive cables, PC cables and adapters, flash sync cables and protective case