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BLACKPINK’s Lisa, also known as Lalisa Manobal, debuted as one of four members of Blackpink, the South Korean girl band. She is a Thai singer, rapper, and dancer who, in September 2021, made her solo debut with the single album Lalisa.

The album was a huge success and sold over 736,000 copies just seven days after its release in South Korea. This made her the first female artist to tướng achieve this feat.

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Lalisa, the lead single of the debut album, recorded 73.6 million views on YouTube only 24 hours after its release, achieving the ‘most-viewed music video clip in the first 24 hours by a solo artist’ record.

Lisa has collaborated with various artists, namely Ozuna, DJ Snake, and Megan Thee Stallion, including contributions to tướng songwriting and composing. The collaboration track charted at number 19 on the Billboard Global 200.

Five habits of BLACKPINK’s Lisa that BLINKs find appealing

A still of the K-pop artist Lisa (Image via @lalalalisa_m/Instagram)
A still of the K-pop artist Lisa (Image via @lalalalisa_m/Instagram)

The Money singer is one of the most loved female idols in the K-pop music industry. She has charmed millions with her endearing habits.

From her manner of drinking water to tướng pouting every chance she gets, BLACKPINK’s Lisa has made fans gush over her. BLINKs, the fandom name of the group, through người hâm mộ cams and other videos, have managed to tướng capture such habits.

1) Iconic ‘Ehee’ smile

This, hands down, is Lisa’s most adorable habit. It is her way of giggling and being ‘aeygo.’ It is an extremely chirpy and charming smile with an ‘ehee’ sound.

The singer usually does it when she is in a happy mood or is posing for the camera. She has done the ‘ehee smile’ even at award shows, concerts, and V live sessions.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa puts her hands near her head while making the giggling sound. She also sweetly squishes her eyes.

2) Sideway drinking

A weird yet adorable habit of BLACKPINK’s Lisa is her way of drinking water or any fluid with a straw.

She sips her drink by inserting the straw sideways instead of the middle of her lips. A highly quirky habit makes her even more endearing to tướng her fans.

She has been spotted doing the ‘sideway-sip’ on multiple occasions and events, from concerts to tướng interviews.

3) Pout plus wink

This iconic pose cannot ever part ways with the Money singer. The artist loves to tướng take chirpy pictures and has a go-to pose.

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Lisa tends to tướng pout a lot when taking selfies. The pout is instantly followed by a wink, a habit that BLINKs find animated and lively.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa has been requested by fans worldwide several times to tướng put on the ‘pout plus wink’ pose.

4) Sleeping habit

Lisa’s fellow BLACKPINK members disclosed this extraordinary habit in an interview. On being asked if any thành viên had a weird sleeping habit, Rose confronted that Lisa sleeps with her hand above her head.

Rose described the sleeping position in a highly hilarious manner. The discovery of this habit had fans burst out into colossal laughter.

Fans instantly uploaded short clips of the interview with that specific segment.

5) Hitting while laughing

Like many other people, BLACKPINK’s Lisa also tends to tướng hit a person while laughing slightly. Whenever the Lalisa singer laughs and giggles, she casually strikes the one sitting next to tướng her.

Fans have witnessed this habit on a couple of occasions. They state that this habit of Lisa makes her highly relatable. BLINKs think it's adorable how an idol can be so sánh spirited and charismatic.

Fans love it when their favorite idol is in her element and is comfortable showcasing her habits in front of a million people. It speaks volumes of the connection Lisa shares with her fans.

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