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  • 5:00 PM - 2:00 AM (Next day)


  • 5:00 PM - 2:00 AM (Next day)


  • 5:00 PM - 2:00 AM (Next day)


  • 5:00 PM - 2:00 AM (Next day)

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  • 5:00 PM - 2:00 AM (Next day)


  • 5:00 PM - 2:00 AM (Next day)


  • 5:00 PM - 2:00 AM (Next day)

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New Karaoke lounge with Private rooms only $30-$90/ hour. We have Full Birthday Packages up to tát 40 people starting from $350

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  • Photo of Natasha M.

    the food was cold & the drinks were hot & when i let them know they did not fix the problem. the guy barely spoke english but was very nice . the owner which is the lady she was very rude over the phone everytime i had a question she would answer lượt thích she did not want to tát. we made the best of it but i will not be back . this is my honest opinion & my first & last time here.

  • Photo of Brenda Y.

    Best karaoke experience I've had so sánh far!
    So I only had a few days left to tát plan a bachelorette tiệc ngọt for 10 around this area, and I'm so sánh glad I stumbled upon Hay Karaoke!
    I called to tát ask for reservations and packages, Gwen explained the details very thoroughly and even offered suggestions on time preferences. After, she texted the details we discussed about just in case I had a change in mind with my selection.

    I chose the Ruby Package for 5pm-10pm which included, 3 tiệc ngọt trays, a cake, and a champagne or fruit platter, I chose the fruit platter, along with fried rice, chicken wings, and papaya salad and that was for sure plenty for us all which were also delicious that we had to tát for sure bring the leftovers home!

    We did purchase a bucket of beer and soju that wasn't part of the cost but glad it still worked out!

    Upon arriving, the place itself is in a big plaza so sánh there are plenty of parking spots. Our room was spacious and they also decorated it for us with balloons hanging on the wall, it was too dễ thương ! Until we added rated r items around the room lol

    10/10 customer service experience from the host and the server for being super courteous, and attentive for our needs! It did get a bit stuffy in there so sánh we asked about the ac which they gladly changed the temp for us, we appreciate it!

    I 100% recommend on visiting especially for events! I'll be back for future gatherings thank you for the fun night !!

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    Photo of Hay Karaoke & Events - Garden Grove, CA, United States. READY TO PARTY !!

    Photo of Hay Karaoke & Events - Garden Grove, CA, United States. LOL sorry Yelp but how funny is this cake !

  • Photo of Yen D.

    I've contacted Gwen and booked a Gold package here to tát throw a surprise Bachelorette tiệc ngọt for my little sister last Sat. This package included:
    5hrs of karaoke time
    4 food trays
    1 fruity cake (turned out the cake wasnt the same as the picture Gwen texted bu and they forgot the little sign that said"Congrats,trò chơi over" too)
    1 champagne bottle
    Balloons decoration
    Despite all the facts that i and my friends had lot of fun but this place was a little shady when it come to tát billing. So just remember to tát ask them for itemized bill when you pay because we got charged for 60 bottles of water when we only ordered 45 bottles. Luckily my older sister was the sober one and she kept track of everything so sánh they couldn't cheat us. I dont think i'd ever want to tát come back to tát this place again,i hate dishonest business so sánh take your money and your business elsewhere that worth it.

  • Photo of Carla C.

    If you're looking for a lively, fun atmosphere to tát enjoy some karaoke and delicious food, look no further kêu ca Hay Karaoke lounge. The first thing that struck bu upon entering the lounge was the vibrant, colorful lighting scheme that immediately put bu in a celebratory mood. The neon lights bounced off the walls and gave the space a playful, energetic vibe that I couldn't help but love.

    The food was also impressive! From the egg rolls to tát the filet mignon, every dish that I tried was expertly prepared and full of flavor. The garlic noodles in particular were a standout for bu - perfectly al dente and bursting with garlicky goodness. And if you're looking for something a little more snacky to tát munch on while belting out your favorite tunes, the popcorn chicken is a must-try. It's crispy, salty, and absolutely addictive.

    But what really sets this karaoke lounge apart from others I've visited is the way they take care of their customers. The staff were friendly and attentive, making sure that we had plenty of snacks and drinks to tát keep us going throughout the night.

    All in all, I would highly recommend this karaoke lounge to tát anyone looking for a fun night out. The lighting, food, and service all exceeded my expectations, and I can't wait to tát come back and sing my heart out again!

  • Photo of Diane L.

    Fun times singing , khiêu vũ, eating and drinking here! Lots of songs pretty much anything you wanna sing! You can order food and drinks too!

    Rooms were spacious and nice! Love the lights and how they decorated their room!

    Different rooms available! Ask them about their packages! There are 3 different packages available for private parties events:
    *Ruby Package
    *Gold Package
    *Diamond Package

    Great to tát have parties or just go for a few hours whenever you wanna sing your heart out! :)

  • Photo of Kristine W.

    This is a really nice karaoke especially if you have a special sự kiện lượt thích graduation or birthday. They decorate the whole room and even offer a lot of Vietnamese dishes lượt thích egg rolls and garlic noodles. They also provide snacks lượt thích chips with the room and you can invite 15-20 people in one room so sánh it's great for large parties.

  • Photo of Phoebe C.

    So much fun with the girls at Hay Karaoke in Garden Grove, California! I love that you can order boba tea, alcohol, and various Vietnamese dishes to tát snack on while singing here!

    -Room prices start from only $30-$90
    -Party packages range from $340-790 and last for 5 hours. They can accommodate 15-35 guests and include decorations, cake, food trays, and champagne.
    -You can order teas, smoothies, and juices. They also have various bottled beers and hard alcohol in the evenings.
    -You can order dishes or trays of food. Choose from seafood fried rice, grilled filet mignon with lemongrass, spring rolls, egg rolls, summer rolls, filet mignon rolls, shrimp garlic noodles, and more.

    What tuy vậy would you sing first?! Mine is a toss-up between Savage Garden and Puff the Magic Dragon.

  • Photo of Kaitlynn D.

    Some friends & I visited Hay Karaoke (previously Say Karaoke) to tát sing & dance the night away. It was my first time there but definitely will not be my last!! This place serves boba, food, & alcohol (beer + soju). Rooms start at $30 & their largest room can fit up to tát 35 people! They also have some great tiệc ngọt packages if you're looking to tát host a birthday tiệc ngọt or just a fun outing. Highly recommend!

    * Filet Mignon Steak Rolls
    * Sweet Corn
    * Spring Rolls
    * Garlic Noodles w/ Shrimp
    * Nui Xao Bo Filet Mignon
    * Fruit Platter (free w/ every room!)

    * Awesome 3Some (pom pearls, pandan jelly & grass jelly in coconut milk)
    * Strawberry Green Tea w/ Basil Seeds
    * Tropical Twister (strawberry & lychee tea w/  lychee bits & basil seeds)
    * Avalanche (chunky avocado, durian & coffee jelly in sweet condensed milk)
    * Heineken beers

    Start at $350 & include
    * 5 hrs of karaoke
    * Party decor
    * Birthday cake
    * Party sized food trays
    * Champagne or fruit platter

  • Photo of Savie M.

    I was invited to tát this place for graduation tiệc ngọt. When I got here, I was struck by the way this karaoke room look. It is definitely on the luxurious side. Their system is new which can play any songs we wanted and volume can be adjusted. My friend said she booked the package which includes everything: room, food, dessert, champagne and decorations. Their food is super tasty and has large portion. When we splited the bill I was even amazed by the price which is only $1,100 for almost 30 people! That's not even $40 each person  but we get to tát tiệc ngọt til midnight, ate and drank a lot! We had such a fun, memorable time. Not to tát mention the good service. The guys here are so sánh nice so sánh we tipped them extra. I will recommend this business to tát all of my friends. It's lượt thích no other karaoke place I have been to!

    Photo of Hay Karaoke & Events - Garden Grove, CA, United States

  • Photo of Jackie G.

    We had so sánh much fun! Food are delicious
    Amazing sound system

    Best service I had friendly staff

    Thank you Hay Karaoke & Events till next time

    Photo of Hay Karaoke & Events - Garden Grove, CA, United States. This little had so sánh much fun singing her favorite tuy vậy cheerleader...

    Photo of Hay Karaoke & Events - Garden Grove, CA, United States. We had so sánh much fun! Foods, Decoration and the karaoke sounds system are amazing!  Thank you Hay Karaoke & Events till next time

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