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NOVEMBER 11 UPDATE: Due to tát closed roads from the Veteran’s Day Parade in Austin, please access our office via I35, 8th Street, then make a left on Brazos. 

Precinct Chair Filing

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Precinct chair filing began September 12, 2023 and closes Monday, December 11th at 6 p.m.  Precinct chairs tệp tin with their county chair.  The application for precinct chair, click HERE.  There is no fee for precinct chair.

County Chair filing begins November 11th and closes Monday, December 11th at 6 p.m.  All county chair candidates including current county chairs tệp tin with the current county chair.  There is no fee for county chair.  In some cases county chair petition signatures are required.  Please see RPT RULE 8A – Petition Required for County Chairmen in Certain Counties (This is a rule passed by the delegates of the State Convention) The County Chair Petition khuông can be found HERE

County Chair and Precinct Chair application can be found HERE

To view a list of precinct chair candidates, CLICK HERE

Public Office Candidate Filing

The filing period for public office candidates requesting a place on the 2024 Republican primary ballot opens Saturday, November 11th and closes Monday, December 11th at 6 p.m. The Republican Party of Texas will be available the following dates and times to tát accept ballot applications for statewide and multi-county district offices (reservations not required). Candidates for Federal Office, khuông 2-5, Non-Federal Candidates (not judicial) use khuông 2-4 . Judicial Candidates use khuông 2-6

Petition in Lieu of Filing Fee and/or Judicial Office use khuông 2-7

Petition for a Statewide Judicial office use khuông 2-8

Note: Please use the candidate filing forms updated 9/2023.  Check the upper left-hand corner.

Presidential Candidates

The filing period for presidential candidates is the same as the filing period for public office candidates.

Application for a place on the Republican Party Primary ballot, Click HEREThe filing application fee that must be received together with the application is $5000.

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If you choose to tát tệp tin without paying the filing fee, you must get petition signatures. For Petition in Lieu of a Filing Fee for the Office of President Click HEREThe number of signatures required for candidates for president that must be received together with the application is 5000 signatures.  Please view the General Instructions on the second page when you tải về the petition form 

Saturday – November 11th from 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM. Please Note: the front door of the building is locked. We will have a staff thành viên downstairs a few minutes before 9 a.m. to tát allow access to tát the building at that time and throughout the day until 2:00 PM. 

Normal business days, please gọi 512-477-9821 to tát be let into the building.

We will be open Monday– Friday during the filing period from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM with the following exceptions:

  • RPT will close at noon on Tuesday, November 21st, and will be closed on Wednesday, November 22nd, Thursday 23rd, and Friday 24th, for the Thanksgiving holiday. We will not receive applications at the office on these days.
  • RPT will also be closed Friday December 1st for the SREC meeting
  • RPT will be OPEN Saturday December 9th from 10 AM -3 PM
  • RPT will close at 6:00 PM Monday December 11th

Gop Data Center Candidate Agreement

Candidates who wish to tát tệp tin in person, OR drop off applications at the Republican Party of Texas office, OR send via courier service (Fedex, UPS, etc.) Please gọi for the address – 512-477-9821

During normal business hours please find parking on the street or at the Capitol Garage.  We tự not have extra parking spaces.  On the first day of filing, you can park in the lot behind the building.

Candidates tự not have to tát tệp tin in person. Applications can also be mailed to tát the Republican Party of Texas at:  PO Box 2206
Austin, TX 78768

(we tự NOT recommend sending applications via USPS)

Applications received prior to tát November 11th will be rejected. Applications received after December 11th, at 6:00 PM, will be rejected. Date of receipt is not determined by postmark, but by actual receipt of items.

SOS has a page for candidates. We encourage all candidates to tát view all that is available, 

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Filing with the State Party or the County Party

  • If the office for which you are running crosses a county line, you tệp tin with the state chair
  • If the office for which you are running matches the county line or is fully within the county, you tệp tin with the county chair

To view a list of received public office candidate filings, please CLICK HERE 

  • Hit “refresh” on your browser to tát see updates

To view a list of accepted candidate filings, please CLICK HERE

For further information liên hệ our Organization Department:

Public Information Request should be emailed to tát [email protected]