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Very easy vĩ đại watch

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  • Genre: Romance, Historical Costume Drama Fiction, Politics
  • Release Date: 17 October 2021
  • Origin: China
  • Cdrama: 40 Episodes


  • Ju Jing Yi as Jiang Bao Ning
  • Joseph Zeng as Li Qian
  • Marius Wang as Zhao Xiao
  • Wang Yi Ting as Li Dong Zhi
  • Cao Cui Fen as Grand Empress Dowager
  • Pan Hong as Empress Dowager Cao
  • Li Yi Zhin as Gao Miao Rong
  • Li Yun Rui as Qing An
  • Cao Cui Fen as Grand Empress Dowager
  • Yvonne Yung as Empress Dowager
  • Zhou Zhao Yuan as Emperor
  • Lan Xi as Mrs He
  • Song Xin Ran as Bai Su
  • Guo Jia Nan as Jiang Lu
  • Sissy Lin as Wei Zhi
  • Hua Wen as Princess Tongxin
  • He Ye Chen as Qing Tai (Prince of Yongqing)
  • Jiang Qian as Qing Ke (Baoning’s lady’smaid)
  • Lu Ting Yu as Dong Shan Hu (prominent Businesswoman)
  • Zhang Jia Rui (Jin Xiao)
  • Chen Yang as Cao Xuan
  • Ryan Kuo as Si Qin (Armorer/inventor of Yongqing)

Zhao LuSi is apparently has a guest appearance in this drama.  Yey.  What a treat?!!! Zhao Lusi and Ju Jing Yi in one drama.

Quick Precis

Apparently, Jiang Bao Ning with Li Qian will help the young Emperor vĩ đại establish a stable kingdom that will kickstart a golden era.

Excited about the pairing of Ju Jing Yi and Joseph Zeng, both pleasing vĩ đại the eyes and good actors as well.

Can’t wait.


23 July 2020: The filming ceremony was held today.

Episode 1

I love this first episode.

Our lead girl is intelligent and feisty, though on the shouty side.

She has sánh much chemistry with Joseph Zeng already even in this first episode.  They looked sánh good together.

Anyway, Jiang Bao Ning is a commandery princess.  Her father was a prince.  She was the granddaughter of the old emperor who spoiled her when she was younger.  She would often climb into the emperor’s desk and used his seal vĩ đại mark every piece of paperwork on his desk and he indulged her.

After his death, his wife, the Dowager Empress, became the real power behind the throne or rather the curtain, and the young Emperor was a puppet master.

Jiang Bao Ning was expected vĩ đại marry the young Emperor one day but she was not very keen because of many reasons.  First, the Emperor was only a figurehead, with no real power, second Jiang Bao Ning was not keen vĩ đại be one of his harems, she is an independent woman and third, she knew that the Emperor was after her family’s fortune as well as a battalion of soldiers.

And last, Jiang Bao Ning is a mechanical engineer in the making.  Her hobby was inventing new things lượt thích the big wings which were an ancient paraglider.

Annually, there is a mechanical contest held at the palace. She had tried vĩ đại enter the competition a couple of times before but she got found out, of her status and real identity and she would be disqualified because of these.

Nothing can’t stop her though because he she was again, entering the palace vĩ đại join the contest despite not having a pass or invitation vĩ đại bởi sánh.

This was how she met Li Qian.  Someone stole his wooden pass.  The culprit tried vĩ đại sell the pass.

It sánh happened that Bao Ning saw the seller and was in the process of buying it when Li Qian turned up and told her that the pass was stolen from him.

Bao Ning was desperate for the pass sánh she told Li Qian that he had not evidence that it was a stolen good.

Anyway they ended up fighting for the wooden pass until it was cut in half, the other half fell into the canal.

Li Qian let Bao Ning have the remaining half.  But when she presented it vĩ đại the master of the contest, it was invalidated because it was only a half.

The Master said vĩ đại Bao Ning and Li Xian that she will give them a test. The one who could solve it will join the contest.

The contest was throwing an egg into the grown without breaking it.

Bao Ning found the contest a doddle.  She had a little rattan woven basket container with she had attached a handkerchief as a parachute vĩ đại the basket with the egg inside.  It was ingenious.

Meanwhile, Li Xian throw the egg from the roof but he guided it by flying down with it.

They both passed and then there passed the second round as well with Zhao Xiao with one other.

In the second round, Bao Ning, LiXian and Zhao Xiao passed but the fourth scientist was locked in.

The third round involved going into the forest and looking for something that is waterproof.

Bao Ning found a resin from a tree.  When Li Xian asked her what she found, she refused vĩ đại say what it was but she fell into a cave with Li Xian who tried vĩ đại save her.

Love it, the first episode was fast-paced and really interesting.

Episode 2

Zhao Xiao rescued Bao Ning and LIxian from the deep cave.

Bao Ning immediately sent her resin find vĩ đại the contest master which won her the contest.

She then found out that the prise book of ultimate weaponry was a kém chất lượng because she had already read the original version.

Li Qian save the Queen Dowager from assassins.

As a reward the Queen Dowager promoted him from a third rank palace guard.

As he was now a palace soldier, met Bao Ning and found out that she was a Commandery Princess.  He liked her because she was unprincesslike.

Meanwhile, the Emperor wanted vĩ đại marry Bao Ning and had asked the Grand Queen Dowager vĩ đại arrange for Bao Ning vĩ đại be engaged vĩ đại him.

Unfortunately for him Bao Ning saw one of his made vĩ đại be heavily pregnant.

Episode 3

Li Qian asked Bao Ning why she was always in different disguises.

Bao Ning asked him vĩ đại bởi her favour; find the pregnant maid who was a maid vĩ đại the Emperor.

Li Qian put two and two together and guessed rightly that the maid was made pregnant by the Emperor.

Bao Ning told him that she was a childhood sweetheart vĩ đại the Emperor who wanted vĩ đại marry her but how can she when he made someone pregnant already.

Li Qian found the pregnant maide and Bao Ning saw how well protected the woman was.

When she went vĩ đại the Emperor, she found out that he has another pillow maid. The Emperor said that his mother said the girl by he only loves Bao Ning.

Meanwhile, Queen Dowager sent for Princess Tongxin vĩ đại become the Noble Consort vĩ đại the young Emperor.

Bao Ning immediately realised that the Queen Dowager was trying vĩ đại maker sure sánh put her own people at her side sánh that the Emperor would not be able vĩ đại change her position as the real ruling power.

Episode 4

Tongxin’s father tried vĩ đại dissuade her from wanting vĩ đại be a concubine vĩ đại the Emperor but she said she really loved him.

It was decided that the marriage between Bao Ning and the Emperor are vĩ đại be announced in three days.

Episode  5

Bao Ning plotted vĩ đại derail the announcement by setting up Tongxin.

The Queen Dowager said that they had vĩ đại postpone the wedding announcement because Bao Ning was too much of an unruly girl.

Tongxin was told by her grandfather that the Queen Dowager said that instead of being a Noble Consort, Tongxin will be the Empress

Bao Ning who was being punished for blaming Tongxin of thievery was actually having a lovely quiet time at the ancestral villa of the palace where Li Xian found her.

He said that her punishment was her own plot because she was much vĩ đại cunning and clever vĩ đại get caught.  He said that she did it because he doesn’t want vĩ đại marry the Emperor.

Bao Ning admitted it.  She said that she does not want vĩ đại be constrained in the palace; she wanted vĩ đại be không tính tiền.

Li Xian then took her vĩ đại the kitchen and made her ramen.  She was surprised at first why he made noodles for her.  He said because it was her birthday.

She ate the noodles but she became tearful.

Li Xian was alarmed. She told him that no one had made her noodles for her birthday after her mother passed away.

Episode 6




Episode 10

Li Xian rescued Baoning from the Prince of Yongqing.

Episode 11

Li Xian told Baoning that he adores her and loves her and that he would protect her for a lifetime.  He then asked her vĩ đại marry him.

Episode 12

It was a royal wedding.

But Baoning told her new husband that he was out of luck on the marital bed because she was not up vĩ đại it.

Li Xian who knew that Baoning has a weak constitution agreed but he flirted with her anyway and was rather sweet.

Episode 13

Baoning sorted out her new mother-in-law who was covetous of Baoning’s dowry.

Meanwhile, Miaorong is desperately jealous that LiQian married someone else other than thở her.  She is working in the background, compiling a list vĩ đại incriminate Baoning into some dastardly act vĩ đại get her into trouble.

The Emperor was wretchedly missing Baoning.  So when the equally despondently angry Zhao Xiao came vĩ đại him vĩ đại ask him vĩ đại issue an edict where Zhao Xiao will go vĩ đại Jinxi vĩ đại be the regent’s proxy sánh he could bring back Baoning vĩ đại the Capital, the Emperor agreed at once.

They also made Li Qian vĩ đại be assigned vĩ đại the border battalion which meant he had vĩ đại leave Baoning home page.

Before his departure, Baoning danced a tame version of Dance of the Seven Veils. 😊

Baoning missed him terribly and Li Qian did too in return.  He missed her sánh much he hardly slept but practise his sword skill all the time.

Zhao Xiao gave a jade token vĩ đại an unaware Baoning.  He left before she could give it back.

At the barracks, Zhao Xiao warned Li Qian that as long as he was there, Li Qian will have problems.  Zhao Xiao continued vĩ đại make it difficult for Li Qian who fortunately had matured into an even better fighter.

But now he was being moved vĩ đại a more dangerous assignment.

Episode 14

Miao Rong was going out of control and tried vĩ đại contrive one problem after another and put the blame on Baoning.

But Baoning was methodical and had a good assistant with her was logical and was able vĩ đại unravel secrets and plots created by Miao Rong including the theft of the military plan that General Li had in his study.

Miao Rong said that  Baoning had been going in and out of the study and she could have taken it.

Baoning said that it was actually Miao Rong who was lax in her duty.  She was not implementing stringent rules on the servants.

Baoning asked the General for three days vĩ đại find who the culprit.

It turned out it was the nanny, Li Dong Zhi’s old nanny.

Li Dong Zhi, Li Qian’s sister had just come home page in the middle of the screeching nanny being investigated.

Madam Li wanted the issue swept under the carpet and let the nanny go as she had been in the family for ages.

Baoning said if that was the case they the General had vĩ đại answer for losing the military plan.

This stopped even the spoilt Madam Li.

Episode 15

MiaoRong can’t be stopped.  She had now planned vĩ đại use military monies vĩ đại invest in underground banks as usury. She had madam Li as an accomplice.

Meanwhile, Dong Dong had become Baoning’s ally.

Dong Dong had also met a Yongqing merchant named An.

Despite the assurance of the king of Yongqing that he wanted a peaceful correlation with Mu’an Kingdom, the prince of Yongqing started an attack.

Zhao Xiao volunteered himself vĩ đại be in charge and would not listen vĩ đại any suggestion vĩ đại anyone, especially vĩ đại Li Qian.

Because of it, the provisions for the military were ambushed by Yongqing.

Zhao Xiao went vĩ đại have a look and he was also ambushed and would have been killed if Li Qian did not turn up.

The two ended up fighting against all the Yongqing soldiers.  They were too many and the two both got hurt and were actually reported as dead.

Episode 16

The Lis were notified that Li Qian was killed during an ambush.  But his body toàn thân and that of Zhao Xiao had not been found.

Everyone was upset especially Miao Rong who was taking it out of Baoning who was rather calm.  Miaorong was saying that Baoning does not care for Li Qian as she was not shedding any tears.

Baoning said that she does not believe Li Qian was dead and that he was probably in Yongqing.

Miao Rong was dismissive of her logic and asked General Li if she could take soldiers vĩ đại tìm kiếm for Li Qian where he fell.

The General allowed her vĩ đại take soldiers.

Meanwhile, the next morning, Dong Dong found Baoning sneaking out of the Li Mansion.

Baoning said that she was going vĩ đại Yongqing vĩ đại tìm kiếm for her husband She doesn’t think he was dead.

Dongdong said that she was going vĩ đại Yongqing with her.

Baoning had vĩ đại pretend vĩ đại be a man with eye-shadows and Ju Jingyi’s trademark red lipstick. The men totally got that she was a boy.🤣🤣🤣

The ammunition general of Yongqing was rather empathetic and actually saved Zhao Xiao and Li Qian.

Despite swearing that he hated Li Qian for stealing Baoning, Zhao Xiao did everything he could vĩ đại keep Li Qian alive including changing their uniforms vĩ đại look more lượt thích Yongqing and then carrying Li Qian on his back until the Yongqing ammunition general found them and took them both vĩ đại Yongqing.

Baoning found Zhao Xiao who at first did not tell him where Li Qian was.

But then he followed him and found a desperately ill Li Qian.

Li Qian thought that he had died and was hallucinating when he saw Baoning.

Zhao Xiao found them and was aghast vĩ đại see them having sánh many mushy moments.  He then went vĩ đại get herbs vĩ đại treat Li Qian.

So đáng yêu.

Meanwhile, with all of these going, our cutie Dong Dong was having the time of her life.  She was busy flirting with An who she met on the street.

MiaoRong realized that Baoning was right after all when she can’t find Li Qian anywhere including the nearby towns.

Episode 17


Episode 19

Xiao Zhao went vĩ đại the underground ngân hàng vĩ đại double the value of the military fund.

MiaoRong found a letter of betrothal between her and Li Qian.  It was written by Commander Li himself.

Her Uncle said that it was a drunken agreement.

Miarong was not having it though.  She begged her Uncl4 vĩ đại ask Commander Li vĩ đại honour the agreement.  Li Xian doesn’t have vĩ đại divorce the Princess, Miarong could be Li Qian’s second wife.

Miaorong insisted vĩ đại be with Li Qian, if not his second wife, then his concubine or even his chambermaid.

Her trump thẻ was that Li Qian and Baoning had not slept together because of Baoning’s weak body toàn thân.  Miaorong used this vĩ đại convince Commander Li vĩ đại make her a wife of Li Qian.

The Commander finally went vĩ đại see Baoning with Miaorong and told her that since she was unable vĩ đại bear and heir vĩ đại carry the Li name then Miaorong is there vĩ đại fulfill the duty for her.

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She was sánh annoyed, she did not say anything more but when LiQian came home page she took it out on him.

He did not even know what Baoning was being grumpy about but her maid told him that early in the morning, his father with Miaorong came vĩ đại see Baoning and she had been moody since then.

LiQian went vĩ đại see his father and found out about Miaorong being the expected mother of his children.

Li Qian was sánh annoyed with his father and told him that his platonic relationship with his wife was not permanent.  He warned his father that if insist for him vĩ đại take Miaorong, then their family would become a laughing stock.

His father assured Liqian that he will not interfere anymore.

It was a different matter with Baoning.  She sent her husband vĩ đại his study where Miaorong was waiting for him.

LiQian was annoyed with Baoning sánh he went vĩ đại his study vĩ đại spend the night.

The next morning Baoning went vĩ đại find her husband and found him happily playing chess with Miaorong.

Baoning was flounced out as her husband looked lượt thích he enjoyed himself.

But then she turned back and found her husband waiting for her.

He said that he was disappointed with Baoning for pushing him vĩ đại another woman.  He told her that he told Miaorong that there can never be anything between them because Baoning occupies every bit of his being


Miaorong is not giving up.

Meanwhile , Qing An was back in Jinxi and met up with a very annoyed Dong Dong who threw the dagger and ring he gave her back at him.

Episode 20

TBH, this is a boring episode.  You can escape watching this as there is nothing happening.

Mrs Zhang and her annoying daughter suddenly turned up at Commander Li’s mansion.  They wanted vĩ đại stay awhile while their own mansion was being renovated.

Commander Li can’t say no as Mr Zhang did him a favour long ago.

Through the encouragement of Miaorong, Miss Zhang with the connivance of her mother started going after Li Qian.  She wanted vĩ đại be his wife had seen that Li Qian was gorgeous.

Miaorong thought that if she can’t have Li Qian then she will not make it easy for Baoning vĩ đại have Li Qian all vĩ đại herself.

So Miaorong told Miss Zhang vĩ đại become more lượt thích Baoning because she is the ultimate type of Li Qian.

It almost worked as well because Li Qian was just about vĩ đại hug Miss Zhang when he realised that she was not Baoning.

He confessed vĩ đại Baoning what he almost did but he said no touching whatsoever occurred.

Baoning was actually more concerned about the maid, Luixia, that the Zhangs seemed vĩ đại be physically abusing.

Episode 21

Another filler episode.

Nasty Miss Zhang got what she deserved.  She was found in flagrante delicto with a Mr Zhao.  So she had vĩ đại marry him.

He was not only after her fortune but he has a gaggle of concubines.

But then again, he found out that his new bride was not the nouveau riche he thought she was.

Meanwhile, Miaorong was finally getting flak from her plotting.

Madam Li was not as enamoured of her anymore when she found out the true nature of Mr Zhao.  Miaorong had been pushing for Mr Zhao as a perfect husband for Dongdong.

Madam Li realised that she could have made her daughter’s life miserable if she had listened vĩ đại Miaorong.

Episode 22

Poor Baisu who bear all kinds of treatment sánh she could have a baby did fall pregnant but had a miscarriage.

Another annoying character came vĩ đại take refuse at Commander Li’s mansion.  He was Guirong, whose father once save the Commander’s life.

Guirong wanted money as well as marriage with one of the servant ladies.  He happened vĩ đại take fancy vĩ đại Qingke, who moaned at Boining that Guirong was giving her the creeps.

Baoning took her case and with Dongdong investigated Guirong.

They found out that he has a wife already who was quite hefty.

They told her that Guirong wanted a divorce sánh he could marry someone else.

The wife beat up Guirong and that was the kết thúc of his shenanigans.

Meanwhile at Muan, the Emperor is hiding from the Empress.  But she could find him anyway.

Xiao Zhao had problems with military money.  His investment did not pan out.

The Yellow River had burst sánh there are many refugees displaced from their homes.

Baoning started helping with feeding secretly.

Episode 23

Madam Li is trying vĩ đại marry Dongdong off.

Dongdong away.  She was followed secretly by Qing An and when she had arrived safely at her Aunt, he left.

Then Baoning and Li Qian turned up vĩ đại fetch her.

It sánh happened that Aunt was an expert herbalist who can cure most diseases. She brewed a herbal medication for Baoning which would cure her weakness and remove the remaining poison in her body toàn thân.

Li Qian was happy about it.

They returned back vĩ đại Jixian where the refugee problem was getting worst.

The palace then informed Baoning that the Grand Empress Dowager was seriously ill.

Baoning did not waste any time, she went back vĩ đại the palace.

Episode 24

As he promised, Li Qian followed Baoning vĩ đại the palace but he was not allowed in.

The next morning, Baoning went vĩ đại see him at the Li Mansion in the Capital. She saw that he was rather depressed sánh vĩ đại cheer him up she asked him why don’t start making a baby?

Baoning added that the imperial physician assured her that the herbal medicine she had been taking was very effective and she was now well.

Li Qian did not waste any time.  He picked her up and they ended up in the bed.

Episode 25

Miaorong won’t cease causing trouble for Baoning.  She has now incited the homeless and refugees vĩ đại complain of the substandard cốt tông jackets and mouldy rice from Baoning charity through donations from prominent businessmen and women in Jinxi.

Li Qian was there vĩ đại protect Baoning who told the people that he will investigate the matter.  But he said he was very disappointed that the needy were not at all grateful vĩ đại Baoning’s kind deed.

Baoning asked the help of the prominent businesswoman in Jinxi who had become a trusted friend.

Unfortunately while she, Dong Shan Hu, was in the middle of her investigation, she was arrested and imprisoned by Jin Xiao.

Baoning later commanded that Dong Shan Hu was released immediately.  So Dong Shan Hu, Jin Xiao, Li Qian and Baoning were now working together vĩ đại smoke out the usury and they finally found one of the culprits which was Cao Xuan.

Li Qian was just arresting him when Zhao Xiao turned up.  He and Li Qian started fighting as Cao Xuan was Zhao Xiao’s assistant and associate in the money laundering of the military pay.

Baoning turned up and told the two men vĩ đại stop fighting and arrest Cao Xuan.  As they were into their fighting sánh much, it was left vĩ đại Baoning vĩ đại go after Cao Xuan herself.

She used her drug powder vĩ đại stop Cao Xuan.  The guards then turned up and arrested him.

Meanwhile in the palace, the scandal of the mouldy rice got vĩ đại the Emperor.  A couple of ministers were asking the Emperor vĩ đại reprehend Baoning by removing her title and then execute her as she eas bringing bad reputation and ill-conduct vĩ đại the royal family

The Empress Dowager immediately went vĩ đại see the Emperor and asked the Emperor vĩ đại ignore hearsay and one-sided rumours.

The Emperess turned up and told off the Empress Dowager of always protecting Baoning.

The Emperor slapped the Empress for being disrespectful of his grandmother.

He said that nothing is going vĩ đại happened vĩ đại Baoning as she is his favourite cousin and trust her implicitly.

Episode 26

Miaorong’s dastardly actions had been revealed which victimised her uncle and Li Lin and yet she was unrepentant at all.

She blamed Li ‘Qian for abandoning her.  She said that if he had married her they would all have a good peaceful life.

Meanwhile, the Emperor was touched when the Empress abandoned her grand birthday tiệc nhỏ for the sake of giving money vĩ đại charity.

He was sánh happy, he finally gave in vĩ đại his carnal desire and gave the queen a shag which she has been gagging for. Sorry a bit crude!

Anyway, Baoning continues vĩ đại be a source of worry for Li Qian.

He found that she had an injured hand because she had been fighting a child trafficker.

Zhao Xiao’s father had come vĩ đại fetch him vĩ đại keep him away from further mischief.

As vĩ đại Dongdong, she found out from Master Si Qin that Qing An had died.

Episode 27

Li Qian worries about Baoning.  He worries that she would not be able vĩ đại defend herself when he was not there.

So he started training her but Baoning was not too interested.  So Li Qian made her sign a family contract that she must not endanger herself or the family and had vĩ đại bởi everything she can vĩ đại preserve and protect the peace of the Li Family.

Li Qian then said that she had vĩ đại be able vĩ đại protect herself sánh she started training though half-heartedly.

Li Qian though indulged her and cooked for her and buy her treats.

Mother-in-law was jealous sánh she ask commander Li vĩ đại be more lượt thích his son and treat her well.

Commnader Li summoned Li Qian and told him off for being weak, henpecked by his wife.

Li Qian said hat he was not under the control of Baoning.  He just think that they are equal.

But Li Qian though has some self-esteem issue regarding Baoning. He really thinks that she was too good for him and one day she would come vĩ đại realise how boring he was and would leave him.

He confessed this and that he wanted a couple of kids with vĩ đại tie her vĩ đại him.

Baoning said that she would never leave him for a stupid reason lượt thích that.  She said that the only thing that would make her leave him is if he becomes disloyal vĩ đại her and did not treat her well.

Li Qian said he will never bởi that.

Baoning was in the market street when she saw Zhou Xiao who was drunk and can’t pay for the wine he consumed.

When he saw her he started telling her again of his feelings.  He held on vĩ đại her arms but not for long because Li Qian turned up and ended up fighting with Zhou Xiao.

Baoning got accidentally injured and Li Qian was sánh worried.  Again, he told Baoning that he can’t help himself when other men get close vĩ đại her became they might take her away from him.

A day later, Zhou Xiao turned up at Baoning’s villa vĩ đại apologise.

Baoning returned the jade token which he gave her as a wedding present.

This really broke Zhou Xiao’s heart.  As he was walking away from the manor, he threw the token away and said that he will never love anyone else.

Baoning meanwhile went back vĩ đại her hobby of inventing things.

She wanted vĩ đại make a gun and asked Li Qian vĩ đại send her someone who was an expert in weaponry.

Episode 28

Finally, MiaoRong got her comeuppance.

She just going out of control and even arranged vĩ đại have Baoning drug and then vĩ đại be raped by Cai Zhong.

In the kết thúc, she was thrown out of the Li Mansion.  But first, vĩ đại make them feel guilty about how she turned out, she even cuts her little finger.

Rather out of it, she was chased by Cai Zhong into one of the empty warehouses and raped while she was still holding a carving of a doll given vĩ đại her by Li Qian when they were children.

Episode 29

Dongdong is always ruled by her hormones. As soon as she seen Qing An, she forgets that she needs vĩ đại serve and protect being a soldier.

Qing An was a different man.  He is not quite right mentally.

Yongqing and bandits were spreading terror everywhere.  The King was wounded and it was just a matter of time before he dies.

He asked his eunuch vĩ đại send his edict vĩ đại Baoning making her the ruler when he dies,  She has the command of the army.  He also sent a super-secret edict that Baoning would only know.  The king had named a distant cousin vĩ đại inherit the throne.

Baoning found the edict sánh stupid at a time lượt thích this sánh she faked another edict ordering the army and citizens vĩ đại protect the country with all their might.

Baoning then mix off for the Capital.

Queen Dowager chose vĩ đại kill herself rather than thở surrender vĩ đại Yongqing.

Yuri, the mother of the First Prince sacrificed herself for the sake of her son.

It was total chaos but Baoning could not bởi away with her red lipstick sánh it is still intact and she remains vĩ đại look lượt thích a million dollars.  That is royalty at its best!🤗❤️❤️❤️🤣

Episode 30

The Emperor died in Baoning’s arm.  But before his death, he asked her vĩ đại look after Xi.

The court was surprised and a little aghast that a woman will be chairing the court.  They told Baoning vĩ đại more or less go away.

But she asked one of the ministers vĩ đại make an announcement.

He announced that the king was dead which shocked the ministers and officials including Li Qian.

Baoning had forged another document as the will and testament of the king naming young Xi as the Crown Prince, and therefore will be king after the current king’s death,

The testament was just read by the Head Eunuch when the Empress turned up and told the congregation that she was carrying the king’s true heir.  She was pregnant.

She looked lượt thích a cát who got the cream when the Grand Empress Dowager turned up and said that according vĩ đại Muan Law and tradition, the heir of the king doesn’t have vĩ đại be the direct legal descendant but who the king nominated.

So Xi is the going vĩ đại be king after the king’s interment.











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