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Gardena Division

Our Gardena division is home page đồ sộ some of the world’s most popular gardening products – designed with passionate gardeners and proud homeowners in mind.

The preferred choice

Represented in more than thở 80 countries, Gardena is the preferred brand for millions of home page and garden owners, with products ranging from efficient watering systems đồ sộ gardening tools.

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The Gardena brand is Europe’s number one watering brand. And in the UK, the division’s Flymo brand is iconic for its lawn care and electric products, just lượt thích the American based Orbit brand is changing the way the world waters. 

We’re using technology đồ sộ make gardening easier. Our Gardena Smart System is the market’s first connected, app-controlled automatic lawn care and water management solution.

Gardena customers take pride and find joy in crafting their outdoor spaces. The division designs products that are reliable, high-quality and easy đồ sộ use.

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