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Exterior of the High Court in GlasgowImage source, PA Media

Eleven people have gone on trial accused of sexually abusing and assaulting a number of children in Glasgow.

The seven men and four women face 32 charges between them, including forcing some of the children to tát take part in seances to tát Gọi on spirits and demons.

There are multiple charges of rape against several of the accused.

Five of the accused face a charge of attempted murder after trapping a child in a cupboard.

Warning: This story contains details some readers may find upsetting

One of the youngsters was said to tát have been shut in a microwave, a fridge freezer and a cupboard during an attempt to tát kill the child.

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The charge says the child was made to tát "act lượt thích a dog" and eat pet food, and that the group chased the child while wearing a devil mask.

Other charges include causing children to tát take part in sexual activity and videoing and taking sexualised images of children. One child was said to tát have been made to tát "operate a camera and create Clip footage" of some of the abuse.

The 11 also face charges of getting a child to tát courier drugs, forcing children to tát consume drugs and alcohol, and possessing Class A drugs.

They are accused of being involved in the killing of dogs while getting two of the youngsters to tát take part.

The accused also allegedly got the children involved in "witchcraft" leading them to tát believe that they themselves had "metamorphosed into animals".

The 11 deny all of the charges, which are said to tát have taken place between January 2010 and October 2020.

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