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It's fun but it constantly freezes with the white dog in the lower right corner and I have to tướng restart the ứng dụng, especially after going to tướng the Member Info thực đơn. Really annoying and makes bu go long stretches without playing because I get tired of restarting the ứng dụng. Also getting tired of hearing the same 7 second clip when the game launches, esp with the OST never releasing.

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TakeOne Company

August 22, 2023

Thank you for sharing with us your honest feedback on the game! We will take a note of it sánh it can be reviewed for possible improvements. Moreover, please note that BLACKPINK THE GAME OST 'THE GIRLS' M/V will be released on August 23, 04:00 (UTC)! We hope to tướng see you in the game during that time!

I love getting to tướng experience different games with other blinks across the globe, but the game often crashes. After about 15 minutes, the game just closes without warning, which is frustrating since it uses my albums when I'm doing schedules. At other times, the game freezes or pauses with the little white dog at the bottom of the screen, and I have to tướng close the game out and open it back up. Overall, I really love the game and overall gameplay.

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I downloaded this game because I've been a blink since DDU-DU-DDU-DU. Anyway, I love the game, the designs, storyline, and gacha system, BUT I noticed that it's difficult to tướng play the mini games in Blackpink World because of the thumbstick it doesn't go the direction I want and this becomes a problem because there are missions where you have to tướng look for a certain character but the thumbstick makes it hard to tướng travel. That's really all the issues I've had thus far. Hope the developers fix this.

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TakeOne Company

June 12, 2023

Hi, we apologize that the game does not work correctly. You can clear the cache, restart the device, connect to tướng a secure connection, and ensure that enough memory is available. We hope one of these works for you. If not, please get in touch with us through our official communities or Discord server: