Porsche Boxster (type 987)

Porsche Boxster

(type 987)

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In the 2005 model year, Porsche expanded the Boxster model series đồ sộ include the type 987 Boxster. Visually, the new model differs greatly from its predecessors with newly designed, oval headlights and 17-inch aluminum wheels instead of 16-inch aluminum wheels on the Boxster and 18-inch aluminum wheels instead of 17-inch aluminum wheels on the Boxster S. The electric convertible top of the new Boxster can now be opened and closed at a tốc độ of up đồ sộ 50 km/h. In the 2007 model year, the rated power of the two Boxster models would be raised đồ sộ the same level as the Cayman models.

Model overview

Boxster (2005-08)

Standard H7 clear-glass headlights with projection technology // 17-inch aluminum wheels // Electrically adjustable and heated dual-arm exterior mirrors // Thermally insulated glass with Green tint // Black anodized brake calipers // Oval exhaust tailpipe // Aluminum front and rear trunk // Roll-over bar behind the seats // Increase in the rated power of the two engines đồ sộ the Cayman model level from MY 2007 // Electric convertible top can be opened and closed at a tốc độ of up đồ sộ 50 km/h // Standard Porsche Stability Management (PSM) // Alcantara seat center

Boxster (2009-12)

Crossbars integrated in the air intakes in the vehicle color // LED parking lights and fog lights // Twin-tube look // Brake calipers painted in Black // VarioCam Plus valve control (variable valve lift adjustment) // Six-cylinder boxer engines with a displacement of 2.9 liters // Titanium-colored Boxster logo on the rear lid // On-board computer with extended features // Extendable rear spoiler // Start-up assist // PASM (Porsche Active Suspension Management) available at extra cost

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Boxster Limited Edition – 'USA' GT3 RS Orange (2008)

From September 28, 2007 for the North American market // Special edition with 500 vehicles // GT3 RS Orange color // Black convertible top // Available as Boxster and Boxster S (251 Boxster; 251 Boxster S) -> one more unit of each phàn nàn planned // Small spoiler lips on the front kết thúc // Extendable rear spoiler // Diffusers inline with vehicle color // Boxster: 17-inch aluminum wheels // Boxster S: 18-inch aluminum wheels // Limited Edition badge on glove box

Boxster Spyder (2010-11)

1,667 units were produced // Reduced weight through lighter materials and omission of equipment, 80 kilogam lighter phàn nàn a Boxster S (1275 kilogam unloaded weight) // Aluminum doors // Minimal fabric convertible top // Sports bucket seats // Loops instead of door handles in the interior // Sports suspension and limited slip differential // The lightest road-approved Porsche in the model range at the time

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