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  • Q:

    What gluten không lấy phí options vì thế you have?


    How well vì thế you understand what gluten-free means? Every item on the thực đơn is gluten-free except for the ones made with wheat flour, which would mainly be breads and noodles.

    Greg T. 

    6 months ago 1 person found this helpful

  • Q:

    Do they use MSG in their food?


    Yes. Nothing but the best Ajinomoto 99% pure mono sodium glutamate. Good for the tongue and good for the toàn thân. Less sodium per oz than thở table salt. Boom bam flavor.

    Eric S., Business Customer Service 

    2 years ago 19 people found this helpful

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693 reviews

  • Photo of Kelly Y.

    Love that this place kind of mimic the Asian night market table and tools sánh if you have been to tát Asia and now miss it, you can get some of the experience here!

    My gf and I walked in around 7-8pm on a Saturday and waited maybe 5 min for the table. We already looked at the thực đơn while waiting sánh we knew exactly what we wanted and of course had to tát go for the 牛肉面(beef noodle soup). Order came pretty quick and not sure if we were hungry or what but finished it within 10 min. Noodles were bouncy but I think the meat could be a little more tender. Didn't melt in my mouth or anything lượt thích I would expect but the broth is very rich and hits the spot on a cold day.

    Service is great - fast Even when they're busy. Great location and honestly just a good spot to tát start your night!

  • Photo of Howard R.

    It's obvious this place is extremely racist.

    The staff was comprised of two white women and one Asian man. The restaurant was full of Asians except myself and my two friends (who were white Hispanic men ). After ordering our food, we were asked while eating our meal if we were "finished" and "wanted the rest to tát go." Mind you, I had to tát swallow my food to tát answer the awkward Asain waiter, who then proceeded to tát "toss" my kiểm tra on the table with the drink we ordered while we were eating. His behavior and gestures were noticeably angry and disturbing, and I felt totally embarrassed and ashamed.

    It dont matter if the food is good or bad, that kind of racist behavior is unexceptable. Notice to tát the owner and staff, if you don't want anybody but Asians eating in your establishment, you should make it private sánh you don't have to tát rush Spanish people out.

    I'll spend my money somewhere where yên tĩnh treated with dignity and respect. Thank you and good luck!!!!

  • Photo of Joey W.

    My friend took u here because he said the food was really good. There was no wait when we got there. The vibe feels lượt thích you're in a night market. The restaurant is covered in this xanh rì hue from the neon lights and xanh rì walls.

    Honey glazed popcorn chicken - you have to tát get this! The popcorn chicken is crispy on the outside and super juicy on the inside. The honey glaze adds a nice sweetness to tát the savory spices.

    Beef noodle soup - I expected a little more but the broth felt bland. The beef was tender and flavorful but the noodles were overcooked.

    Honey glazed popcorn chicken

    Beef Noodle Soup

  • Photo of Jason W.

    886 is what I would describe as a modern Taiwanese restaurant with creative twists on Taiwanese classics. The vibe is pretty casual and the entire restaurant is bathed in this xanh rì hue. I think the restaurant tries to tát resemble a Taiwanese night market, small stools and all, and while I think it's pretty cool, I can't deny that it's not the most comfortable of seating arrangements.

    Onto the food, we shared the Taiwanese Fried Chicken ("TFC"), Popcorn Chicken, and Hakka Stir Fry. Everything was well executed and bonus points are given for the TFC being the size of my face. Portion sizes are generous and prices are very fair for the area.

    Also, shoutout to tát our server for being attentive and giving great recommendations. Think this is fun spot to tát grab some bites and huyệt out in the East Village.

  • Photo of Lynne C.

    I really enjoyed my visit to tát 886, which has been on my list for a while! The Notorious TFC was a standout dish. The fried chicken was very juicy and generously sized. The slaw in the sandwich had a really refreshing slaw. The beef noodle soup was pretty good, although I think the broth was a bit too thick. The service was fast and I liked that the restaurant had a lot of dễ thương Taiwanese decor. I would lượt thích to tát come back to tát try their drinks, which sound really good.

    Notorius TFC

    Beef Noodle Soup

  • Photo of Matthew H.


    Well, even if not, for all the hype I've heard about 886, I was expecting a real treat when I finally stopped by for dinner with some friends last week. Unfortunately, it seems that their name (886 is the dialing code for Taiwan) is their most authentic feature. It seems they vì thế a good job of selling a very Americanised version of Taiwanese food, which is... I suppose how they market themselves? But also rather disappointing.

    We started with the nơm nớp tía beng 滷肉飯 - not a great start. The flavour of the sauce was not really authentic - overly sweet (?!) and kind of watery/thin. The sauce kind of just seeped through all of the rice and made it more lượt thích a 燉飯 risotto-like texture throughout. There was way too much pickled veggies 酸菜whose flavour was too strong, overpowering the balance between the rice and the pork. Finally, the runny soft boiled egg was interesting but also kind of dissonant, lu rou người hâm mộ is almost always canonically served with braised soy eggs 滷蛋。

    I guess to tát be fair, in an absolute sense the dish was not bad, but as noted above, it really just felt lượt thích someone tried to tát force lu rou người hâm mộ into an Asian fusion setting. 而且這樣還要 $14?有夠誇張的

    We also had the scallion pancake beef wrap 牛肉捲餅. The beef and pancake were tasty, but I couldn't focus on anything other than thở the random mayo that they added. I get that the 'szedaddy' mayo is a thing they're trying to tát vì thế, but not only does it screams inauthenticity, it is a really odd flavour bộ combo with the lighter flavours of the stewed beef and the savoury scallion pancake wrapper. Not a người hâm mộ of this either. 我搜尋也搜尋了,"牛肉捲餅 美乃滋" 只有在墨西哥料理的食譜才找得到,非常不道地

    Finally, we had the beef noodle soup. The noodles were nice - generally well-cooked at a nice degree of chewiness - and the beef bites were not bad - a little too hard for my taste but overall good flavour. The broth I did find to tát be a little lacking; it was much thicker and saltier than thở beef noodle soup normally is, and it really weighed down the overall flavour profile of the dish.

    The environment is a bit disconcerting in my opinion - lighting was really strong as you can tell by the photos - and the layout makes it a bit loud as the sound echoes around the relatively small space very easily. The service was really good though, the servers were very attentive and we got our food in no time after ordering.

    Overall, an acceptable but definitely inauthentic experience, and definitely much more expensive than thở it deserved. I'd say save your money for cheaper and better Taiwanese food elsewhere in the đô thị.

  • Photo of Kaitlin C.

    Such a trendy, pub-like place that serves up amazing Taiwanese classics! I was pleasantly surprised when I visited, and can't believe I had never heard of this place before. The atmosphere reminded u of a clubby indoor version of night markets in Asia!

    Beef noodle soup 4/5: Noodles were nice and chewy and delicious, hearty broth!

    Popcorn chicken: 4/5 tastes pretty similar to tát what you would get if you ordered this in Taiwan. The chicken was super crunchy and had a kick to tát it. The honey glaze was also a nice twist to tát add to tát it.

    Seaweed fries: 3/5 Yummy, but nothing crazy. Classic crinkle cut fries served with garlic aioli and topped with furikake (the seaweed).

    Overall, great place to tát grab cheap and delicious with friends! Would definitely come back to tát try some other dishes.

  • Photo of Angela Y.

    Wanted to tát lượt thích this place but was disappointed by the portion sizes. So small. See photo for hand comparison. Everything was just fine. Maybe would've been 4 stars if bigger portions but nothing really stood out. The egg was a perfect soft boil though. Ambience is nice, searing feels lượt thích a genuine lowkey restaurant in Taiwan and lights are fun.

  • Photo of Anna D.

    Really great effort at popularizing Taiwanese dishes in NYC - the drink thực đơn alone is worth visiting for. There's a fish bowl challenge that I personally did not partake in but looked fun. I think it was drink a fishbowl with 2 people in 30 seconds or something crazy lượt thích that.

    The food is pretty decent especially the basics! The honey glazed popcorn chicken is welll seasoned and has a kick to tát it through out. The sesame noodles were surprisingly a favorite of mine with a cold refreshing peanut sauce and thinly sliced egg and cucumber. The hakka stir fry was a bit salty for u but not bad flavor at all.

    It gets a little noisy but overall a great vibe for a dinner or for drinks!

  • Photo of Spencer S.

    Great no frills type Taiwanese restaurant in St. Marks. Just basic tables, good music, and a good time.

    Staff was very friendly and explained a few of the dishes that were personally new to tát u.

    The railroad layout of the restaurant did mean that sound carries. If someone is loud, you will hear them and think the place is loud. It is not a quiet restaurant by any means.

    The back of the restaurant needs a little bit of an aesthetic facelift if you ask u. Bathroom in the way way back is nice though.

    We ordered the following:

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    Chicken thigh sandwich - good flavor, but too many toppings that more than thở offset the flavor of the chicken. Wish the inside of the chicken thigh was a tad more cooked
    Fly's head - very good and very different. Amazing flavor and probably my favorite thing
    Scallion pancake beef burrito - unique and very tasty. Highly recommend ordering
    Pork fried rice - ample amount of meat and fried egg. Tasty, but nothing that is tremendously unique

    Would definitely return for a casual dinner!

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