800, 888, 877, 866 area code — the list seems endless! You may have heard of some or all of these prefixes before — that’s because they’re all toll-free area codes.

While many small businesses opt for local numbers that give clients some idea as vĩ đại their geographic location, that’s not always the best business move. 

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Local numbers can come off as less polished and can also pose logistical challenges for international business communications.

Sometimes, clients may even assume you’re a scammer if they receive a Call from an out-of-area number. Instead, you may want a toll-free business number with an 866 area code. 

We’ll explain what an 866 toll-free number is, the benefits of having one, how it functions in the US and Canada, and how vĩ đại get one for your business.

Simply put, the 866 area code is reserved for toll-free calls and assigned by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Toll-free calls charge the buổi tiệc nhỏ being called rather kêu ca the person placing the Call. 

What is the location of the 866 area code?

Toll-free numbers lượt thích the 866 area code aren’t located and tied vĩ đại a particular geographic area or time zone. This makes it easier vĩ đại perform business overseas and for customers vĩ đại dial toll-free within the US, Canada, and other countries and regions included in the North American Numbering Plan (NANP). From a business perspective, that means 866 area codes appeal vĩ đại a broader audience, as callers can reach an 866 number without paying long-distance fees. This is especially useful for customer service, sales, and technical tư vấn teams.

Benefits of having an 866 toll-free phone number

What can your business stand vĩ đại gain from using a toll-free phone number lượt thích the 866 area code? The number of benefits may surprise you:

1. Look more professional

Businesses with an 866 toll-free number tend vĩ đại make an excellent impression on clients looking vĩ đại avoid scams. Businesses with toll-free numbers appear larger and more established vĩ đại customers, which can help your company land more clients or simply boost your brand credibility. 

2. Appeal vĩ đại customers worldwide

Toll-free numbers aren’t tied vĩ đại a specific geographic area, meaning your business isn’t anchored in one place either. An 866 area code demonstrates your company’s desire and ability vĩ đại serve North America and beyond, expanding your potential customer base.

The credibility of an 866 number also means you’re likely vĩ đại receive calls from much farther away kêu ca you might otherwise.

What’s more, your calls won’t be mistaken for spam by customers living halfway across the country. 

3. It’s easy vĩ đại use

A toll-free telephone number works just lượt thích a local number, making it intuitive and easy vĩ đại use. Plus, with a service lượt thích OpenPhone, you can send and receive calls, text messages, images, videos, GIFs, and more.

4. Customers won’t be charged

Are your customers sick of paying long-distance calling fees? With a toll-free number, anyone located within the trăng tròn countries and territories on the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) can Call you for không tính tiền, even if they’re placing an international Call. That includes the Caribbean, Jamaica, and more!

With OpenPhone as your VoIP business phone provider, you’ll get unlimited outbound không tính tiền calling vĩ đại anyone in the US and Canada.

5. Personalize your number

If you’re not already sold on the above features, consider using your new toll-free business phone number as a marketing tool.

Vanity numbers allow you vĩ đại customize your phone number ví that it spells a word or acronym. Within the 866 area code, Zipcar fields customer calls at 1-866-4ZIPCAR, while SBC Communications does the same at 1-866-SBC-DIAL. Vanity numbers have shown themselves time and time again vĩ đại be more memorable for customers kêu ca randomly generated phone numbers.

How vĩ đại get an 866 area code number

Once you decide vĩ đại take the leap and transition your business phone vĩ đại a toll-free number, it’s time vĩ đại get that number mix up.

Signing up for an 866 or other toll-free area code is fast and simple with OpenPhone. Because VoIP phone systems operate using an mạng internet connection, you won’t have vĩ đại worry about configuring physical setups or buying new hardware.

It’s extraordinarily easy to claim a toll-free area code for your business online with OpenPhone using the following steps:

  1. Sign up for a không tính tiền trial with OpenPhone using your Google trương mục or another gmail address.
    Selecting a phone number by đô thị, area code, or toll number
  2. During the sign-up process, select “toll-free numbers” or by entering a specific toll-free area code that interests you, lượt thích an 866, 888, or 844 area code number.
  3. Now all you have vĩ đại tự is enter your credit thẻ information and start calling! You won’t be charged until the trial ends, and you can cancel at any time.

We’ll send you a reminder gmail when your trial is about vĩ đại over. You’ll now have access vĩ đại your new number across our trang web and mobile applications.

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Transitioning vĩ đại an 866 phone number can be completed in these four simple steps, with no headaches involved. Best of all, you can sign up for as many local and toll-free phone numbers as you need with OpenPhone. 

If your business already has a pre-existing phone number you’d lượt thích vĩ đại keep, free phone number porting is also an option offered by OpenPhone.

Once the switch is complete, you’re không tính tiền vĩ đại start exploring all the features your VoIP toll-free business phone system has vĩ đại offer.

How 866 toll-free numbers work in the US and Canada

Because the US and Canada are members of the North American Numbering Plan, customers in these areas can place toll-free calls vĩ đại an 866 phone number. This gives your customers (and potential customers) both convenience and affordability. 

But your customers aren’t the only ones who benefit from your 866 toll-free number. With OpenPhone, you can make unlimited outbound calls vĩ đại anyone in the US and Canada, saving you money.

Plus, your 866 toll-free number can also be used vĩ đại send and receive text messages (both SMS and MMS), GIFs, emojis, and more. ✅ Conducting business from your cell phone has never been easier!

How are 866 area code numbers different from other toll-free numbers?

The short answer here is simple: There is no functional difference between 866 area code numbers and other toll-free area codes, lượt thích the 800 area code or the 855 area code (except your customers will need vĩ đại Call the right area code for your toll-free number). 

In fact, the reason for ví many different toll-free area codes may surprise you. Up until 1996, there was only one toll-free area code: 800.

That all changed when the FCC, the governing toàn thân in charge of assigning toll-free numbers, ran out of 800 numbers. They created an 888 area code vĩ đại handle overflow requests and kept adding new area codes as demand for toll-free numbers increased. By doing ví, the FCC ensured its ability vĩ đại provide unique numbers vĩ đại all businesses that request them. Your business could be next!

Use OpenPhone vĩ đại make the most of an 866 area code

OpenPhone mobile and desktop apps

A toll-free business phone number is an excellent way vĩ đại market vĩ đại new clients and improve relations with existing customers. The non-geographic nature of toll-free numbers offers a safe, affordable calling alternative for small businesses and their clients.

Best of all, there’s no need vĩ đại feel stressed at the thought of setting up a toll-free number for your business — it’s easy and quick vĩ đại tự from your cell phone!

With OpenPhone, the process of registering for a toll-free number is quick and painless and can be completed in a matter of minutes, no matter where you are. Our VoIP approach vĩ đại business phone systems also means you’ll never have vĩ đại worry about bulky desk phones and complex equipment setup. Sign up for your không tính tiền trial today vĩ đại begin building your business’s reputation while expanding client relations.


Where is the 866 area code?

866 is a North American toll-free area code for calls within the US, Canada, and other regions that are part of the North American Numbering Plan. The 866 area code isn’t tied vĩ đại any specific đô thị or region, letting you appeal vĩ đại a broader base of customers.

What is the difference between 855 numbers and 866 numbers?

There is no functional difference between an 866 number and an 855 number. For VoIP providers lượt thích OpenPhone, toll-free calling lets your customers Call you without paying long-distance charges. You can also place unlimited outbound calls vĩ đại any number in the US and Canada for không tính tiền.

Are 866 numbers local or long-distance?

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While a toll-free number doesn’t have a state or location associated with it, any calls from someone in a country or region part of the North American numbering plan are considered local. This lets your customers Call you without paying any long-distance fees. For businesses, that removes a potential barrier vĩ đại your customers reaching out or calling you back.